Why The Agency Advantage


The Agency Advantage is unlike any other agency management system.  Every aspect of agency management has been simplified and the logical organization and streamlined architecture make it a snap to learn and use.

  • With ease you will be able to convert from a paper based agency to a 100% paperless agency or other software if that’s your goal.
  • Our agency accounting is unsurpassed in its accuracy and ease of use.
  • Our electronic document management features give you every tool to easily scan, attach, import or print a document to your customer’s electronic file.
  • Our Real Time tools are the best available.  The design of The Agency Advantage Download Manager assures the greatest accuracy of any system when downloading from your insurance carriers.  Access and interface to any company websites is made possible with our Web Merge feature, making short work of policy inquiry and changes, quotes, claims and even on-line applications.
  • Personalized training with live trainers via internet video and audio conferencing assures you know how to get the most from your Agency Advantage.
  • Quick access to superior customer support by caring, informed personnel. These are just a few of the reasons The Agency Advantage should be your choice in an agency management system for your agency.

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