Real Time Features


Company Download

The Agency Advantage Download Manager is a standalone program that brings insurance company data on customers and policies directly into The Agency Advantage management system. The program accepts files in ACORD AL3 format. Compressed files are automatically handled by the system with no user intervention required.

The IVANS Transfer Manager is fully integrated in this product. Support is also available for company download files not transmitted through IVANS.

For further information, see our list of Agency Advantage download partners.

Web Merge

The Web Merge feature in The Agency Advantage is available on all policies and on the receipt entry screen.  This feature provides a direct link to company websites, automatically logging the operator in with the appropriate log-in name and password. It then transfers customer, policy, agency, company, and vehicle and driver details to appropriate fields on those pages.

Web Merge is a highly advanced and efficient technology that works with any company‚Äôs website and will save many hours for any agency.  This tool can be used for policy inquiry, endorsements, billing inquiry payment posting, quoting, completion of on-line applications, claims entry and many other on-line transactions.

Learn more about this exciting technology and see it demonstrated by contacting a representative.

Rating Integration

The Agency Advantage maintains integration partnerships with numerous rating software companies in order to support single entry of data.  Visit our partners page for more information.