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Document Management

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Using inexpensive equipment with Agency Advantage Batch Scanning or Single Item Scanning, you can easily turn any paper document into an electronic document. The documents are easily accessible for viewing, printing or emailing, eliminating the need the need to file or store the paper original.

Scanned documents are catalogued in your customer's computer file with a brief description which includes the policy number the document relates to and the date it was scanned.

Using Document Imaging along with company downloads, an agency can virtually eliminate paper customer files yet have as much file detail as ever - all available right from the computer keyboard. Just one more way The Agency Advantage improves efficiency and puts more dollars in an agency owner's pockets.

For more information on the exact hardware requirements, please see our system requirments.

Document Imaging has never been easier - and more affordable. The Agency Advantage does Document Imaging at a fraction of what others charge!